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  • ANG Honor Guard Member of the Year for 2012

    122nd Fighter Wing Knowledge Operations Manager and Honor Guard member Staff Sgt. Carrie M. Kline was one of six Air National Guard Airmen recognized during the 2012 ANG Outstanding Airmen of the Year awards ceremony at the Air National Guard Readiness Center, Joint Base Andrews, Md., Aug. 22,

  • Airmen participate in a bomb building exercise.

    Airmen from the Fort Wayne Air National Guard base in Indiana trained on a mass bomb building exercise during their March unit training exercise. Behind the gate of the munitions maintenance area stands a sizeable white shelter where all the work began. The airmen practiced building the entire

  • Biggest Loser contestants visit Air National Guard Base

    When the 122 Fighter Wing challenged 1st Lt. Matthew Metzger with starting a new base wide fitness program,  he immediately contacted Marci and Courtney Crozier. They quickly returned the call to Metzger to schedule the experience.On Aug. 21, 2011, the mother-daughter duo, who were contestants on

  • Trip to bombing range shows Airmen A-10s capabilities

    Airmen from the 122nd Fighter Wing work tirelessly to support the mission of their A-10 airframe. Their hard work enables the jets to get off the ground to perform the mission training needed to be effective. Except for videos and photos, once the plane leaves the base, the majority of those hard

  • Air National Guard Base Begins Construction on Historical Park

    FORT WAYNE, Ind.Baer Field Heritage Park is now under construction after a groundbreaking ceremony was held on July 21, 2011. The park will showcase all of the aircraft flown at the 122nd Fighter Wing from 1947 to the present. There were many distinguished guests who spoke and helped break ground

  • Airman is awarded for hard work and dedication

    To be honored with a yearly award of any kind is definitely a great achievement for anybody, but it is nearly an understatement for Staff Sgt. Andrew Carboneau, a Warsaw, Ind., native and a Phase Aircraft Mechanic for the 122nd Fighter Wing in Ft. Wayne, Ind. Carboneau was awarded Airman of the Year

  • 122nd Fighter Wing participates in Winter Wingman Day

    Airman wellness and resiliency, as well as having a great wingman, is imperative in enduring the tough challenges we face in the Air National Guard. We are forced to maintain strength and composure while serving both the duties of being a civilian and serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Airmen of all

  • Tincaps to film Airmen for big screen at games

    Representatives from the Fort Wayne Tincaps minor league baseball team visited the 122nd Fighter Wing to film Airmen on April 16, 2011. The Tincaps will be using the footage of the Airmen introducing the playing of the National Anthem at home games on the big screen.The Tincaps are thankful for the

  • ELC phase one nears completion

    The first phase of a $10.2 million project to construct the Expeditionary Legal Complex here inches closer to completion as Air Guard civil engineers put their finishing touches on its various structures. With a scheduled phase one completion date of Jan. 15, Air Force Lt. Col. James Starnes,


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