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Medical Group Organizational Email Box

Please send all sensitivePII/medical documentation(Dental "DD2813", Member Medication Information/Prescriptions, Civilan Doctor Information/Notes) to the MDG Org EMail Box below. Please encrypt the email when sending.


Medical POC Listing

Medical Administration - 478-3326

-  Records, Scheduling, Medical Appointments

Medical - 478-3328

- LOD, DLC's, ALC's, Waiver, PHAQ, MHA and IMR related questions

Public Health - 478-3329

- Occupational Health Physicals, Deployment Health Assessments


- Industrial Hygine Surveys, Respiratory/Gas Mask Fit test

Information and How-To's

Information and How To's
Clinic Hours
Clinic hours and schedule are updated the Friday prior to drill.  

Click here for instructions if you need to complete your Mental Health Appointment as part of your PHAQ

DHA 3 4 and 5's


Call the LHI Call Center at   

1-888-634-1128 to accomplish the required provider encounter.

DRHAs 4 and 5

DRHA 4 and 5 are completed with the Annual DoD Preventive Health Assessment (PHA).

Follow the instructions at the end

of the online questionnaire; the instructions will provide details about how to complete the

provider encounter.

Click here for an instructional tri-fold.


Bioenvironmental Engineering Vision and Mission Statement

Vision: Optimize combat and operational capabilities by preventing casualties and enhancing performance in the deployed and in garrison environments through full spectrum threat health risk reduction.

Mission: Provide operational healthrisk assesment expertise to enhance commander decision making and health service support capabilities.

Strategic objection: Garrison = Deployment

Bioenvironmental Engineering Capabilities


1. Provide health surveillance and promote force generation through sampling, identification, quantification, assesment, risk communication, control and documentation of potential exposures.

2. Provide real time CBRN response, through surveillance, risk assesment, decision support, protective measures, and sample preservation while operating in cold, warm and hot zones.

3. Ensure safe potable/non-potable water through sampling, system analysis and field sanitation assesments.

4. Identify and reduce health risk through intelligence reviews and specialized vulnerability assessments including water and toxic materials/chemicals.

5. Provide flexible and sustainable force health protection recommendations to predict and reduce adverse health effects in all occupational, environmental and CBRN operations.

OSHA Hazard Communication

Occupational Safety and Health Administration



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