Biggest Loser contestants visit Air National Guard Base

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Justin Goeden
  • 122nd Fighter Wing
When the 122 Fighter Wing challenged 1st Lt. Matthew Metzger with starting a new base wide fitness program,  he immediately contacted Marci and Courtney Crozier. They quickly returned the call to Metzger to schedule the experience.

On Aug. 21, 2011, the mother-daughter duo, who were contestants on the hit-television series The Biggest Loser, came to the base in Fort Wayne, Ind., to spend part of the day with military members.

"Matt contacted us because we were on The Biggest Loser contest and since they're starting a new fitness program here, they wanted us to help launch it. We called him back right away because it's our privilege to serve the military," said Marci Crozier, the mother of the pair.

After Marci and Courtney gave some motivational advice on life and fitness to the group of over 200, they hit the base track to lead a workout session with the military members. They warmed up by jogging a few laps and did some exercises and stretches that Marci learned from celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels.

The Crozier family was as equally excited about getting to spend time with the Air National Guard members. They shared stories of military members in their own family and how it was an honor to visit the base.

"There have been some cool things we've done with this entire process, and today has been one of the best days that I've had on this journey," said Courtney.

The two expressed their interest in returning for another visit at a later time to check in and see the progress of the Wing.