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CALL: (260) 478-3247 


As a member of the Indiana Air National Guard you'll learn valuable technical skill to fuel your personal and professional growth while serving in a unit close to home. Plus, you could enjoy the following benefits:    

- Up to 100% paid tuition to a college, university, or trade school

- Cutting edge career training

- Affordable life insurance

- Low cost health and dental insurance

- Base Exchange shopping privileges 

- Military retirement plan

- Eligibility for VA home loans

- Earn college credits through the Community College of the Air Force


VIPER Virtual Reality Experience

Let us bring the Air National Guard to your next event...virtually!


To request the 122nd Fighter Wing's VIPER experience be brought to your organization's special event:

EMAIL: at least 30 days prior to the event.

The Air National Guard, as a government institution, refrains from endorsing specific organizations or events that it does not officially sponsor. Instead, it is up to the individual Guard members to decide whether they volunteer their time. Additionally, there are a number of state and federal restrictions on how we can support organizations and events.