Forecasters are predicting a Cold, Snowy winter season.   Although

rare, it may become necessary to delay the start of the work day for the

safety of our personnel and due to travel conditions in Allen County,


     If the Wing Commander or their representative feel the need to delay

the start of the work day, they will contact the Command Post prior to 0530,

and then a Text message and email will be sent to all full-time personnel

advising them of the situation. 

     To ensure you receive the notification, please ensure your SMS text,

phone number and personal emails are updated in our alerting system, Desktop

Alert.   You can do that by following this link: Http://122fw-dt-01.   Once

you arrive on the page, click your DOD ID number in the upper right corner,

and select Devices.  You DO NOT need to add your military ( or email.

      Additionally, if you are unsure if there is a weather-related delayed

start to the work day, you may contact the Commander's Hotline for

information.  The number for the Commander's hotline is 260-478-3700.

      If travel restrictions occur in your county, or you feel it is not

safe to travel to work, you should contact your supervisor to be placed in

appropriate leave status.

      Please help make this a safe season for our Blacksnake Family..