We are excited to announce the USAF Connect app, including exclusive 122nd Fighter Wing content, is available NOW for download on your personal smart devices! 

The 122nd Fighter Wing was one of the first five wings chosen to test the new USAF Connect Phone App for the United States Air Force. We were the first  Air National Guard wing to test this app. The USAF Connect Phone app has everything you need to stay in touch and up to date with the USAF and other members of the base. Features include Notifications, News, Base Directory, Fitness Calculator, Resources, Links, CAC-enabled features like the AF Portal, DTS, Web Mail, Groups and more!


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Web Mail address

Go to the AF Portal 


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Support and Information About Hardware

To report USAF Connect related issues and 

receive assistance in addressing these issues please call the
USAF Connect Help Desk at (918) 938-6566
For support with your Thursby mCAC:
Please contact: Support@Thursby.com
or call (866) 843-6624
For information on Thursby Apple or Android readers:
Thursby bundled Apple readers:
Thursby bundled Android readers:

For user guides:
Sub Rosa for iOS User Guide:
Sub Rosa for Android User Guide:

Thursby Cac readers

Air force homepage

1. Access the Favorites Portal by tapping the Star icon at the bottom right of the screen

Add 122nd FW to favorites

2.  Search for desired organization and add to Favorites

122nd FW Homepage

3.  Swipe left and right to switch between AF Connect and Favorites


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